Do you want to learn more about the current state of the building and housing market in Southern Oregon as we kick off 2023? You’re in the right place! We sat down with one of the best home builders in Oregon to get all the answers to your questions. 

Learn About the Housing Market From One of the Best Home Builders in Oregon

When you’re looking for top home builders in Southern Oregon, Matt Bryant with Riverdell Construction is sure to be at the top of the list. Check out our insightful interview with Matt to learn more about building in Southern Oregon in 2023. 

A Brief Introduction: Who is Matt the Builder?

In 1995, Matt Bryant opened the doors to Riverdell Construction, beginning a legacy and building a reputation for exceptional custom homes here in Southern Oregon. Today, his company is known for luxury custom homes, high-quality remodels, and impressive commercial projects.

Matt incorporates his background in economics from Oregon State University with his love for working with his hands to build stunning, efficient, and timeless homes. Customers rely on his team to deliver the highest quality homes while maintaining stringent timelines and budgets. If you’re looking to build a custom home in Southern Oregon, we can’t recommend him enough.

A Conversation With One of Southern Oregon’s Top-Rated Custom Home Builders

Here’s what Matt has to say about the state of Oregon’s housing market and what the custom home building process looks like.

1. Matt, What Are the Predicted Prices for Building a Home in 2023?

At the beginning of this new year, we’re seeing stable pricing in the housing industry. Lumber prices are down, but they’re predicted to start rising in the springtime. 

A true custom home around 3000 square feet is going to cost approximately $350 per square foot. This price will depend on if the ground is flat or sloped, the type of soil, and of course, the design and amenities that the homeowner chooses for the house. 

2. What’s the Average Timeline for Building a Home From the Ground Up?

Typically a homeowner can expect the custom building process to take between 9 and 12 months. Again, this depends on many factors, but you can count on this general timeline. 

3. What Are Some of the Main Benefits of Building a Home Rather Than Buying One As-is?

The main benefit of a custom-built home rather than buying an existing home is that the owner can the ability to create the exact house they want. All they have to do is find a lot in an area they want to live in and then they can build their dream home!

4. Do You Need To Obtain Certain Permits To Build a House in Southern Oregon?

There will be specific jurisdictions depending on where you live. Regardless, you ALWAYS need to apply for building permits when constructing a building on your property. It can be a daunting task, which is why most homeownners leave the permit process to the builder. 

5. What Are Some of Your Favorite Custom Features You’ve Included for Homeowners During the Building Process?

We’ve installed an extensive collection of custom home features for customers over the years. My favorite features are always ones that have sentimental value or a significant purpose for the homeowner. 

6. What Do You Love the Most About Living in Southern Oregon?

The thing that I love most about living in Southern Oregon is the vast diversity this area offers. I can go rafting on the Rogue River, visit a top-rated winery, and watch a fantastic theatrical show – all in the same day! Plus, it really is an outdoor lover’s paradise. 

Make Your Dream Home a Reality

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