Life Among the Beautiful Southern Oregon Vineyards

Welcome to luxury living, vineyard style, at The Vineyards at Stage Pass. We’re one of the only gated communities in Oregon to offer homesites directly on a vineyard. In fact, three of our ten lots include land that’s already adorned in grapevines. And our entire wine country community, with a limited amount of properties for sale, blends effortlessly into the forested foothills next to DANCIN Vineyards, one of southern Oregon’s premier wineries.

The great news is that while you’re not responsible for maintaining the crop, you’re always welcome to enjoy a glass of its bounty as you gaze out over the flourishing vines. And with vineyards on your property, you don’t have to take a winery tour or head out for a weekend of tastings to experience the delights of each growing season. You can experience it all right from your own backyard — every year, every vintage. (And every home here, even if it’s not a vineyard lot, is able to participate at some level in the Stage Pass winery program.)

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At this Southern Oregon Community, Home Ownership Comes with Wine Membership

As a resident of The Vineyards at Stage Pass, you’ll automatically become a member in the Stage Pass Estate wine program. This exclusive membership is designed specifically for the residents of our luxury real estate in Oregon. In fact, the only way you can become a member is to purchase a lot or home!

Annual Wine Distribution

Those who live on Lots 1, 2, and 3 — the lots with vineyards on site — will have access to purchase two barrels/50 cases of pinot noir and/or chardonnay each year. Plans call for two wine distributions each year:

  • Pre-holiday season distribution in late fall
  • Pre-summer season distribution in late spring

For those living on Lots 4 through 10, you’ll have access to purchase one barrel/25 cases of pinot noir or chardonnay each year, subject to availability during one of the two annual distributions listed above.

Fruit Purchase Rights

Owners of Lots 1, 2, and 3 will also have the annual right to purchase up to 900 pounds of fruit from the vineyards located on their lots. You can choose from two options for utilizing your fruit.

  • You can use the fruit to make your own wine, completely on your own.
  • You can participate in our custom crush program, offered by our friends (and your neighbors) at the award-winning DANCIN Vineyards. You’ll be completely immersed in the process of creating world-class wine. From harvesting, vinification and periodic barrel tasting, to blending trials and creating your own private label.
  • Note: There is a one barrel minimum for this program (approximately 25 cases), and as an owner of Lot 1, 2, or 3, you can produce up to two barrels of pinot noir and/or chardonnay each year.

Owners of Lots 4 through 10 may also participate in the custom crush program, subject to fruit availability.

Share a Glass of Wine with the Families Who Made It

Southern Oregon Wine Country has become a region of renowned reserves, with more than 150 wineries, majority family-owned. It’s a one-of-a-kind area perfect for vineyard growing. And when you’re here, in your luxury Rogue Valley home, you’ll be fully immersed in the wine country lifestyle and charm.

In Southern Oregon, the growing season stretches seven months long, similar to the best wine regions in Europe. The mountainous nature of the Rogue Valley creates a handful of mesoclimates. This, in turn, creates conditions that are just right for a diverse range of both cool- and warm-climate varietals.

Take a Walk On the Winery Side, Rogue Valley Style

Living in Southern Oregon Wine Country means surrounding yourself with easy access to several wine trails, all within minutes. What better way to enjoy a sunny afternoon or lazy weekend than by exploring the best wines in the area.