Share a Glass of Wine with the Families Who Made It

Southern Oregon has become a region of renowned reserves — wine that is — with more than 150 wineries, most of them family-owned. What is it that makes this area the perfect locale for wine growing? Think of it as a Shangri-La of natural elements, joining forces to create magic.

The growing season, for example, stretches seven months long — ideal for growing grapes and similar to the best wine regions in Europe. The mountainous nature of the region creates a handful of mesoclimates, creating conditions that are just right for a diverse range of both cool- and warm-climate varietals. And southern Oregon is home to one of the largest diurnal temperature swing (DTS) regions — the change between daily high and low temperatures — in the world. This allows the grapes to maintain their perfect ripeness and flavors while maintaining natural acidity throughout the harvest.

Take a Walk On the Winery Side, Rogue Valley Style

The Rogue Valley boasts several different wine trails, all within five to 25 minutes from The Vineyards at Stage Pass. What better way to enjoy a sunny afternoon or lazy weekend than by exploring the best wines the area has to offer.

“Meet the undiscovered wine country of your dreams.”

—  Sunset Magazine

“Named a Top Global Wine Destination.”

—    Forbes Magazine and Wine Enthusiast

A cork-sized guide to the history of wine in the Rogue Valley


The first vines in Oregon were planted in the Rogue Valley by a settler named Peter Britt.


Oregon’s first recorded winery, Valley View Vineyard, was opened just one mile from Jacksonville — also by Peter Britt.


The HillCrest Vineyard in Roseburg became Oregon’s first estate winery, founded by Richard Sommer


The Rogue Valley became an official American Viticulture Appellation (AVA)
The Rogue Valley wine region
pouring wine

Amazing wine for an amazing cause

Each summer, the Oregon Wine Experience uncorks something wonderful for wine lovers of every vintage.

Intimate vintner dinners where your hosts graciously open their homes, wineries, vineyards and cellars for incredible food, sparkling conversation and, or course, plenty of wine. Hands-on wine classes taught by local experts. Plus an esteemed wine competition where more than 100 Oregon wines are judged by a world-class panel including Masters of Wine, Master Sommeliers and renowned wine writers. Plus a variety of wine-themed auctions — all to raise money for those in our area who benefit from Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center’s pediatric care and NICU. The Vineyards at Stage Pass is proud to be a sponsor of this important annual event. Visit the OWE website here.

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