Cultivating the Next Generation of Vintners — and Wines

Craft beer has its disruptors. Distilled spirits boasts an ever-growing slate of newcomers too. With wine — and winemaking — becoming ever more popular, it’s only logical that start-ups (and upstarts) would want to add to the mix. And what better place to do so than Stage Pass.

With southern Oregon wine making a name for itself across the country and around the world, owners at The Vineyards at Stage Pass will have a front-row seat to the action. The rustic brown barn you see at the entrance to Stage Pass doesn’t house horses or hay — it’s the future gateway to a host of local winemaking activities.

The future starts here

The weathered barn and vineyard equipment on site will remain, just as they’ve been. Joining them will be a cluster of similar buildings, creating a one-of-a-kind “viticultural village.” Plans for the site include a Stage Pass winery and tasting room that will eventually be available to a long-term winery partner.

But that’s just part of the story. Incubator space for as many as six micro-wineries with a common tasting room is also in the works. The incubators provide an opportunity for small, independent winemakers to create their own label. Or for area grape growers who want to branch out into winemaking themselves instead of relying on a custom crush facility. Or even for established winemakers to do side projects.

On the drawing board, there’s also space for a Stage Pass office and history exhibit, indoor and outdoor dining, as well as a curated collection of wine and specialty food shops. Just think, one day you can walk down the lane to a tasting room where you can be part of the genesis of a brand new winery and wine. Or perhaps your brand new winery!

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