Thinking about building your dream home? You might be wondering when is the best time of year to build a home so you can get started on the right foot and move in as soon as possible. Let’s talk about the home building process and how the date you start construction can affect the timeline of the build.

The Best Time of Year to Build a Home

Ideally, the best time of year to build a home would be late spring or early summer. Because the process can take anywhere between 8 months to a year or more, it’s important to consider overall timing and begin the build at the right time. 

Still, the time of year you begin construction matters because there are some tasks that can’t be completed in certain seasons or conditions. For example, some tasks like excavation and driveway paving are dependent on the ground being solid and not frozen or wet to complete. Other parts of home building, like installing a new roof, require dry weather to keep contractors and crews safe. 

If you are able to start construction during the best time of year to build a home, the dry, cool spring weather should allow the ground to be in perfect condition to start preparing the lot by grading it for drainage, pouring the foundation for the home, and connecting utilities. 

Breaking ground in the spring allows for construction on items that are sensitive to temperature and moisture, such as wiring, plumbing, and insulation. Once the structure of the home is complete, installing finishes and completing the design can take place regardless of the season or weather.

Planning for a New Home Build

Although the best time of year to build a home is the springtime, this doesn’t mean that work can’t happen before then. Much of the process of building a new home is in the planning stage, before any machinery or crew sets foot on the lot. The planning stage is key to making sure the building process will run smoothly, so be sure to devote plenty of time to preparation before spring arrives.

Also, keep in mind that the warmer months are when most contractors are busiest, so it will be especially important to plan ahead and make sure you have people ready to work on your home when you need them.

Timeline of Building a New Home

The timeline of building a new home can vary significantly depending on the size of the project and the complexity of the home design. Most homes go through similar steps during the building process, dedicating several months to the construction, design, and customization.

Months 1-3: Breaking Ground

In the late spring, crews will begin by breaking ground and excavating the lot. This is the best time of year to build a home, as the construction crews can move through the initial phases quickly, setting a good pace for the rest of the building process. In these crucial first few months, your home should receive a new foundation and see the framing go up, giving the structure shape and dimension. Crews will begin work installing the mechanical features of the home, connecting it to utilities, and finishing with insulation and drywall.

Months 4-6: Inside and Out

With the bones of the home in place, work begins on the exterior of home, to add siding or stone, prepare the lot for the driveway, walkways, and patios. Once the heavy equipment is removed, crews can turn their attention to landscaping, planting grass and other vegetation around the home. During this time, work will also be going on inside the home to install appliances and fixtures and apply design elements like flooring, trim, and paint. 

Months 7+: Customization and Design

At this stage, work continues inside and outside the home to finish it to your tastes. This work could include installing custom countertops, painting to your chosen palette, and other fine details that make the home uniquely yours.

Month 8 or Later: Final Inspections

At around month 8 — or later depending on the level of customizations to your home — the build will reach a point where inspections can be completed. The home inspector will assess the framing and systems of the construction to make sure it is completed to the proper standards. This is also when you will get to walk through the home with your architect and designer to see how the completed design matches your expectations.

If you’re able to begin construction at the best time of year to build a home, you can help the build to run smoothly and see your new home come together a little more each month. Building a new home can take a bit of time, but the result is worth the wait: a custom home that is perfectly suited to your tastes and lifestyle.

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