With the real estate market rising in price and competition, many have turned to buying land rather than purchasing existing homes. The major advantage of buying land is that you can start out with a blank slate to build a home perfectly suited to your lifestyle, personality, and preferences.


Buying land in a master-planned community comes with even more advantages. Let’s explore 10 benefits of buying land in a master planned community, if you’re lucky to find the perfect homesite for you. 

10 Advantages of Buying Land in a Master-Planned Community

Master-planned communities are designed to appeal to a specific lifestyle, so they include all the amenities and perks that homeowners find appealing. From landscaping to stable property values, here are 10 ways you’ll benefit from buying land in a master-planned community.

#1 Get Instant Curb Appeal 

When you buy land in a master-planned community, it comes with a landscaped and fully maintained entrance and roads. You won’t have to worry about gardening, mowing, plowing, or maintaining any communal areas for the community. This instant curb appeal is not only nice to come home to, but it can also boost your home’s value.

#2 Build the Custom Home of Your Dreams

On your own lot, you have the freedom to build your home exactly as you want it. Design a custom home that checks all the boxes, whether you want to add a huge master suite, a chef’s kitchen, finished basement, or other luxury home finishes, there’s no limit to the way you can customize your property.

#3 Buy Land That’s Ready-To-Build

Compared to other plots for sale, buying land in a master-planned community has another added convenience: it’s ready for immediate construction. The homesite will already be connected to utilities like electricity, natural gas, and water, and be easily accessible for construction equipment and materials — so you don’t have to wait to get started building your dream home. 

#4 Capitalize on a Builder’s Network

When you buy land in a master-planned community, you also gain access to an exclusive network of local contacts. Since they’re already an established part of the local landscape, these communities often have affiliations with custom home builders, contractors, and local suppliers who can help guide your home-building process. That’s not to say you can’t work with your own resources, but it never hurts to find competing quotes.

#5 Live in a Low Density Master Planned Community

Master-planned communities are designed for harmonious living into the distant future. Each spacious homesite is carefully mapped to ensure low-density living, offering plenty of space for you and your family to spread out.

#6 Maintain Your Privacy and Security

The maintained entrance of your master-planned community will likely include a gate for security and privacy. This limits non-essential traffic, which makes your surroundings quiet and peaceful. Buying land in a gated community offers uninterrupted enjoyment of the natural beauty that surrounds your home.

#7 Make Connections with Your Neighbors

Another advantage of buying land in this type of neighborhood is a close-knit community. Low-density master-planned communities attract people who appreciate its unique location, stunning views, open space, and secluded feel. When you make this community your home, you’re sure to find like-minded people all around.

#8 Explore Trails and Open Space

Many master-planned communities make special use of the land to include private trails and open space for its residents to enjoy. Imagine spending each morning exploring different paths which offer the chance for exercise, fresh air, and a different perspective of the landscape around you, or an evening walk to catch the sun set over the distant hills.

#9 Capitalize on Stable Property Values

Master-planned communities do a lot to contribute to stable property values. From the maintained entrance and roads to the collection of other high-quality custom homes in the community, most land in this community retains its value and appreciates steadily. If it’s important to you to invest in property that will always provide a solid return, buying land in a master-planned community can present a great opportunity.

#10 Enjoy What Makes Your Master Planned Community Unique

Every master-planned community can offer different advantages that appeal to a unique lifestyle, such as the ideal location, excellent views from each homesite, manicured trails and open space, community areas, and more. 


When buying land in a master-planned community, you’re not only getting the perfect spot to build your dream home, but all the benefits your community offers that improve your life. This is why it’s crucial that you choose the right community that not only meets your expectations for building a new home, but that also reflects the type of life you want to lead. 


A master-planned community like the Vineyards at Stage Pass can help you realize your dream home and your dream location.

Looking for Land in a Master-Planned Community in Stunning Southern Oregon?

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