When building a custom home, it is important to plan luxury home finishes that help it feel custom to you, but also allow you to get the most value out of your home. 

When designing your dream home for maximum value, your custom home finishes should: improve or ease your life in your new home, increase the resale value and potential sale price of the home, or save you money down the road. 

Let’s take a look at several examples of custom luxury home finishes that will add value to your custom home build.

Custom Home Finishes to Add Living Space

A great way to add value to your custom home build is to create more living space where you will want to spend time or entertain guests. A few ways to do this are to finish the basement, build additional bathrooms, and create outdoor living spaces.

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Finished Basement

Building a finished basement or partially finished basement adds square footage of heated living space to your home, which is added value for you and your family as well as your property. 

Additional square footage can push your property value into a new price bracket. If you ever decide to sell your custom home with a finished basement, you will attract more potential buyers looking for extra space. 

luxury bathroom

Additional Bathrooms

Additional bathrooms hold their value exceptionally well, so they are worth the investment to improve your home’s value. A half bath near the entry or a full bathroom and guest living space are attractive features to prospective buyers, especially if they have beautiful custom finishes like natural stone countertops, walk-in showers, and plenty of storage.

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Outdoor Living Space

If you are building a custom home, you are likely to spend time choosing the perfect homesite, so make sure you design some outdoor living space to help you enjoy it! Custom home finishes like an outdoor kitchen, fire-pit, patio, or deck are all great areas to relax and take in the views around your home as well as to entertain guests.

Spending a bit extra on attractive landscaping can not only make your home feel more luxurious, but impress potential buyers, too — boosting your home’s perceived value.

Custom Luxury Home Finishes to Add Resale Value

These types of custom home finishes almost always retain their value in the resale of your home. Here is where to spend your dollars during the build that will translate into the best resale value.

luxury kitchen

Luxury Kitchen Details

Custom home finishes in the kitchen are some of the most beneficial investments for resale value, as many consider the kitchen to be the most important room of a home.

When designing the kitchen for your custom home, adding plenty of seating, a kitchen island, a gas range, excellent lighting, and stylish hardware can all improve the appearance and value of your custom home. Even upgrades that require a higher investment, such as stone countertops, custom cabinetry, and professional-quality appliances will retain or exceed their value if you ever decide to sell.

Open Floor Plan

Open-concept floor plans continue to be a popular item on many buyers’ lists. Build your custom home with as much open space as possible to protect its resale value. An open floor plan allows buyers to interpret the space for their own family and lifestyle, making it easier to sell your home and fetch a higher sale price.

High Quality Flooring

Another value-adding custom home finish is high quality flooring. Opt for natural hardwood, stone, or tile over laminate and carpet. Bamboo flooring is another durable, attractive, and sustainable flooring option that will hold its value and make your home more appealing to potential buyers. 

Custom Luxury Home Finishes to Save Money Down the Road

Some custom home finishes are investments that offer great returns. Two areas to address during the build to save money in the future are energy efficiency and window selection.

Energy Efficient Upgrades

It may seem obvious, but anything you can do to make a custom home energy efficient can save money down the road. Designing energy efficiency into the home plan is a great way to ensure you’re saving energy wherever possible — especially during hot summers and cold winters.

Some practical ways to do this are to invest in quality insulation, use zoned heating and cooling with a smart thermostat, and choose energy efficient windows and doors.

Potential buyers will be more interested in a home with energy efficient and sustainable fixtures. Energy Star appliances and low-flow fixtures are two great ways to reduce energy consumption that buyers love. These investments are guaranteed to save money and improve the home’s value in the long run.

upstairs loft hardwood

High Quality Windows

You already know that efficient windows are essential for energy savings, but choosing high quality windows also boost your home’s value in other ways. Low-quality windows are one of the most frequently replaced items by new buyers and also one of the most expensive. Choosing to install higher quality, insulated windows instead of traditional double-hung windows will recover the cost in energy efficiency and resale value.

Investing in your custom home’s windows will also improve your life in the home. Great quality windows eliminate distracting noise and harmful UV rays, and capitalize on views and light, making your new custom home that much more beautiful.

Building in a Luxury Home Community

Ready to start building your dream home, with all the luxurious details to make it one-of-a-kind? Start by choosing the right site for your custom home.

One of the most valuable decisions you can make for your custom home is where you choose to build. Living in a luxury home community can offer significant value, including security and privacy, maintained roads and paths, stable property values, and decreased traffic and noise.

The right homesite location makes all the custom home finishes you chose worth the investment. When choosing the right homesite, you will want to consider all of the factors that will affect your lifestyle, your budget, and the value of the completed home. These could include existing utility connections, distance from work, shopping centers, and activities, local education and healthcare systems, community perks, and more.

At Stage Pass, our homesites offer stunning views and convenient access to the state’s best wineries and food culture, all situated in a master planned gated community. To learn more about your life of luxury at Stage Pass, reach out to our team today.

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