Do you want to know what living in a gated community is like? There are many benefits, including higher property values, community perks, an increased sense of security, and reduced traffic. Let’s explore these advantages to see if living in a gated community is right for you.

What Are Gated Communities?

Before diving in, you might wonder, “What are gated communities?” 

Gated communities are residential communities or housing estates with controlled access to residents and their guests. Most gated communities in Oregon and throughout the United States have their own name and a clear geographic definition marked by the barriers that control access to the neighborhood, sometimes a gate or fences. 

5 Benefits of Living in Gated Communities in Oregon

A gated community elevates the experience of residential living and separates itself from the crowd. If you’re looking for the chance to experience something more than traditional neighborhood living, a gated community can offer privacy, security, a touch of luxury to your lifestyle, and more. 

1. Gated Communities Raise Property Value

Gated communities tend to attract homes built to a higher standard. In fact, according to The American Real Estate Society, homes in gated communities yield an average home value of $30,000 more than those accessed by public streets. Whether it’s defined in building codes, an HOA, or inspired by the community’s prestige, homes within a gated community are generally higher in value. 

2. Gated Communities Provide Privacy and Security

One of the most important reasons to live in a gated community is the benefit of added security. Traffic is restricted to residents and their guests, which offers you peace of mind for the safety of your home. This means not just anyone will be driving around in your neighborhood, and you can feel confident leaving your home when you travel, knowing it will be well-maintained and protected while you’re away. 

3. Gated Communities Have Controlled Access

As mentioned above, access to gated communities is restricted to residents and guests, so there will be less traffic. This will increase residents’ safety in several ways. 

For example, going for a walk with your family in your community will be enjoyable when you’re completely undisturbed by traffic noise and don’t have to worry about unexpected speeding vehicles. Plus, since access is limited in gated communities, you’ll get to know your neighbors’ friendly, familiar faces, and crime rates are minimal. 

4. Gated Communities Have Many Perks and Amenities

When you join a gated community, you get more than just a place to live — you get all the bonuses that make up the look and feel of the community, and you can trust that they will be maintained. This includes maintenance and landscaping of common areas, road maintenance, groomed trails, home repairs, and more. 

Plus, most gated communities offer top-notch, exclusive amenities. While this varies in each community, some of the most common features include pools, playgrounds, basketball and tennis courts, fitness centers, business centers, meeting rooms, event spaces, walking trails, and more. Here at The Vineyards At Stage Pass, our most favored amenities include access to our stunning vineyard views and membership in the Stage Pass Estate wine program.

5. Gated Communities Offer a Sense of Community

When you live in a gated community, you automatically feel a sense of connection. You’ll have the opportunity to meet people interested in the same lifestyle as you, so it’s easier to establish trust with your neighbors. Plus, you’ll all be a part of the same HOA, so you have to follow the same rules and don’t have to be the ones to enforce them.  

The Ultimate Gated Community in Southern Oregon Awaits

Now that you’ve had a glimpse of what a gated community offers, you might be ready to take the next step: finding the right community for you.

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