There’s something about the Rogue Valley in Oregon that hints at opportunity, promise, and inspiration — but what makes living here so special? After we take a look at a few of the reasons people love living in the Rogue Valley, you might be ready to live here, too.

Ideal Southern Oregon Location

Located in the southwestern part of the state, the Rogue Valley in Oregon marks a point roughly halfway up the coast of the United States. This makes it a convenient base for trips north, to Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, BC — and south, to Northern California, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. The Rogue Valley is a popular destination for travelers exploring the West Coast as well as permanent residents drawn to the outdoor recreation, city amenities, wine country, and Southern Oregon lifestyle. 

If you love to travel as much as you love to explore the area where you live, the Rogue Valley in Oregon is ideally located for ultimate access. From this region, it’s easy to navigate to local natural parks and coastal towns, as well as connect to major interstate highways and international airports.

Stunning Scenery and Outdoor Recreation

The Rogue Valley in Oregon offers some of the most beautiful outdoor scenery and recreation opportunities in the state. Framed in by the impressive Cascades and Siskiyou mountain ranges, the Rogue Valley sits at the entrance to everything you want to do outdoors. Many visitors stay on their way to the popular natural wonder of Crater Lake National Park, or use the valley as their home-base when traveling up or down the West Coast. 

When you live in the Rogue Valley in Oregon, there’s nothing that’s out of reach. Explore trails to roaring waterfalls and sweeping viewpoints. Camp under the stars, reflected in pristine rivers and lakes. Take a scenic drive to capture mountain and coastal views. Old-growth forests, arid deserts, snowy slopes  — all within easy driving distance of the Rogue Valley in Oregon. 

Whether you prefer snowshoeing, kayaking, mountain biking, or glamping — the Rogue Valley in Oregon offers every type of terrain you could dream of, perfect for the outdoor adventurer in all of us.

The Heart of Rogue Valley Oregon Wine Country 

The Rogue Valley in Oregon is nestled in the heart of the state’s wine country. Between the Cascades and Siskiyou mountain ranges, this region was carved out by glaciers that deposited rich nutrients in the soil and formed a collection of hills and valleys. The Rogue Valley in Oregon is particularly suited for growing wine grapes due to its varied elevation changes, amounts of rainfall, and levels of sun exposure.

Many wineries take advantage of the special topography to experiment with different varietals, growing conditions, and aging methods, resulting in a dazzling presentation of flavors in the glass. Chardonnay, Cabernet, Malbec, Syrah and plenty more — Rogue Valley wineries offer a sampling of Southern Oregon’s unique terroir. The experience is difficult to describe — it’s something you have to taste to understand.

Historic Southern Oregon Cities

The history of the Rogue Valley is as rich as the soil — made of the stories that live on in the people, architecture, and natural features of this amazing place. Whether you’re just visiting to sip Oregon wines, soak in the beauty of the outdoors, or drop roots and become a part of the community, the Rogue Valley in Oregon has so much to offer in terms of culture, experiences, and inspiration.

Indulge your highbrow, artistic side at the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, then roll up your sleeves and dig into some messy-but-delectable Backporch BBQ in Jacksonville. Plan a day to shop and explore downtown Medford, then settle in for a quiet evening by the fire with a pint of locally brewed craft beer. 

There’s always a new boutique, coffeehouse, or brewery opening up somewhere near you as the region brims with opportunities for everyone to thrive. Living in Southern Oregon has other perks as well — such as the lack of sales tax, which makes supporting the makers in your community a little easier.

Life in The Rogue Valley in Oregon

It takes time to experience the views, the people, the food — which is why life in the Rogue Valley Oregon adopts a slower pace. The people here take their time to prepare a meal, enjoy a cup of coffee, move through their routine, and make the most of each moment. When the sunshine feels a little warmer on your shoulders and the fresh air opens your lungs, wouldn’t you want to slow down and appreciate it, too?

The relaxed lifestyle is one of the reasons why the Rogue Valley in Oregon has become such a popular retirement destination. If you’re looking for a beautiful place to settle, sip a glass of Oregon wine surrounded by friendly people — there’s no better place to live than the Rogue Valley in Oregon.

Stage Pass balances all of these qualities as the ideal place to live in the Rogue Valley in Oregon — magnificent views nestled in the hills of wine country, yet a short distance from the bustling cities of Jacksonville and Medford, with an invitation to travel beyond to whatever adventures lie ahead. To set foot on your own Rogue Valley adventure, contact the team at the Vineyards at Stage Pass today.


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