Settling in the heart of wine country might just seem like a romantic idea, but moving to a vineyard community offers a myriad of benefits and opportunities to residents. What makes living in a vineyard community different? Let’s discuss what a vineyard community is and what you can expect when you move to one.

What is a Vineyard Community?

A vineyard community is a planned residential area situated in wine country and designed to take full advantage of the views, access and more. Some vineyard communities are positioned to provide access to wine making grapes or great views of working vineyards.

Sounds dreamy right? In addition to the pleasant and relaxing scenery, vineyard communities are also located in the prime location for outdoor recreation, visiting quaint and friendly towns, and exclusive access to the best local wineries.

What to Expect When You Move to a Vineyard Community

Vineyard communities offer residents more than a traditional neighborhood: access, views, outdoor, open space, and great neighbors. Let’s break down what you can expect from life in this unique community.

Exclusive Access Wine Country Living

Vineyard communities are located in the heart of all that’s happening in the wine world, and they can provide exclusive access to some of the region’s best vineyards. Spend each evening relaxing on the patio of a new favorite winery, and be sure to take home a few bottles to share. 

Some residents in this type of community may have the chance to try bottling their own vintage. In some vineyard communities, neighboring vineyards may spill onto your property, giving you the chance to be involved in the production, tasting, and branding of your own wine.

Incredible Vineyard Community Views

One of the major advantages of a vineyard community is the atmosphere. Wine country is beloved for its products, but also the rolling hills, dramatic valleys, and open sky that offers expansive views of the vineyards below. 

If you believe people can also be shaped by the land they live on, you’d be right. The stunning scenery of wine country living produces a relaxing atmosphere you can enjoy year-round when you move to a vineyard community. 

Outdoor Recreation at Your Doorstep

As vineyard communities are typically located out of the city, you don’t have to travel far to access the great outdoors. If you love exploring local trails, camping under the stars, and fishing in fresh mountain streams and lakes, it’s all well within reach from your residence in a vineyard community. 

These communities are often master-planned, and have dedicated open space and maintained trails for you to explore around from your property. Not only can you enjoy the views from your front porch, but you’ll be able to tour around on foot for some fresh air and a new, amazing view around each corner.

A Friendly Vineyard Community

Life amongst the vines attracts a certain type of resident. People who are looking to get out of the busy city in search of a quieter, slower lifestyle are attracted to the calming atmosphere of a vineyard community. 

When you move to a vineyard community, you can expect to connect with like-minded neighbors, who appreciate an excellent glass of wine, a thoughtful conversation, and gratitude for the natural beauty of the earth. There’s a good chance that you’ll make close, meaningful connections with your neighbors in a vineyard community.

Wide Open Wine Country Living

Wine country living means plenty of space for you to build the home of your dreams in a vineyard community. These residential areas are designed to remain low-density, so you can enjoy the solitude and privacy of your home.

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