As one of the best Rogue Valley wineries, in our opinion, here’s what you need to know to get the most out of your visit to DANCIN Vineyards.

DANCIN Vineyards: The Location

Tucked in the hills of Rogue Valley wine country, just 5 minutes outside Jacksonville, DANCIN Vineyards is perched on some of the most lush and fruitful acres in the region.

In sharp contrast to some of the more arid estates in the Rogue Valley, DANCIN Vineyards is abundant with rich vegetation. The northeast-facing slope and distinctly high elevation of the property offers warm days and cool nights, contributing to the pronounced notes and balanced acidity that DANCIN wines have become known for. 

The highest points of the vineyard reach a stunning 1,800-ft elevation, offering views of Table Top Mountain and the surrounding hills. The estate’s location is the quintessential Rogue Valley panorama.

DANCIN Vineyards: The Wines

Although breathtaking, DANCIN Vineyards isn’t known only for its location. The estate produces consistently award-winning wines, and the accolades have followed suit — garnering recognition from local connoisseurs like the Rogue Valley AVA, but also earning statewide and national attention. 

Southern Oregon Magazine selected DANCIN Vineyards as “The Very Best Oregon Winery” in 2017, 2018, and 2019, and the Best Place for a Glass of Wine in 2018. They weren’t alone. In 2019, Lux Magazine chose DANCIN as the top winery and culinary destination in the Pacific Northwest. 

DANCIN Vineyards grows more than 6 varietals, but Pinot noir, Chardonnay, and Barbera are their specialty. Mastery of these varietals speaks volumes about DANCIN’s skill and attention to detail with winemaking, as these in particular are known for their sensitivity. Extreme care is required to produce the desired essence in the wine through every stage of production, where even one misstep during racking, addition, or deviation can corrupt the intended flavors.

With a strong focus on the health of the fruit, DANCIN’s approach to winemaking is a return to traditional Italian methods. Already working with an impressive terroir for a canvas and flavorful fruits on their palette, the winemakers wield the brush with bravado. The old-school techniques have paid off, putting DANCIN on the map with some of the best wineries in the country.

DANCIN Vineyards: The Food

If you’re planning a visit to DANCIN Vineyards in Oregon, you need to experience the flavors of the valley paired with an expertly-prepared menu. The vineyard tasting room features a restaurant, with Italian-inspired fare including antipasti, flatbreads, and decadent desserts. Servers will help you select the perfect vintage for your meal, if you don’t already have a few in mind.

With 7 different seating options, both indoor and outdoor, there is plenty of space to relax with friends and family, whether you prefer tasting flights at the bar or sipping by the fire with your partner. DANCIN Vineyards can also host special events, from small parties and gatherings to large weddings and celebrations.

DANCIN Vineyards: The Experience

There are plenty of ways to experience the fun at DANCIN Vineyards. As a local hotspot, DANCIN is the place to be during the summer. On most Wednesdays and Fridays, you can catch live music as part of the Summertime Music Series, featuring local talents like David Calahan and Jeff Kloeztel. 

Guided tours also take place over the course of the summer — one of the best ways for new visitors to get the full DANCIN experience. On selected Sundays you can take your wine glass to-go, and sip as you walk through the vineyards. A guide will lead you through the winemaking facilities and answer questions before you return for a sommelier-led flight tasting.

DANCIN hosts regular guided tastings and varied events throughout the year, such as Memorial Day Salmon Bake or outdoor yoga classes.

Even if you’re not visiting to attend a show or event, DANCIN Vineyards is the perfect place to take in the views of the Rogue Valley and rolling hills of Southern Oregon wine country. Plan your visit to celebrate an anniversary, participate in a guided tasting, or just to enjoy a relaxing Tuesday afternoon. There’s great fun and flavors to be experienced at DANCIN Vineyards in Southern Oregon.

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