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Is Medford, Oregon, a Good Place To Live? Here’s the 411

If you’re looking to relocate and Southern Oregon catches your eye, you may be eager to learn more about the area. We can help! 

Are you familiar with Medford? It’s the central hub of Southern Oregon and the Rogue Valley. It’s the neighboring city east of The Vineyards at Stage Pass, providing all the necessary amenities (and more) that you would expect from a city, with the added benefit of you migworld class healthcare. . 

Is Medford, Oregon, a good place to live? Is it the right area for me to enjoy the most out of my life? While we can’t make these important life decisions for you, we can give you a glimpse of what life looks like here for people in all stages of life. 

We hope to provide you with some helpful information about the greater Medford area and how it could work with your lifestyle — or, how it could introduce you to a more enjoyable one. 

Is Medford, Oregon, a Good Place to Live?

We certainly say – yes! For many reasons, however we truly can’t get enough of the charming small towns surrounding the Medford area. 

Our master-planned community, The Vineyards at Stage Pass, is located just outside of one of these charming small towns, Jacksonville, Oregon. Being just a few miles away from Medford,  our residents are able to enjoy the Medford community on a daily basis. Like them, more and more homeowners are recognizing the region’s natural beauty and abundant amenities. And they’re packing their bags, and making the move! Here are a few reasons why: 

  • Award-winning schools – Medford offers various schools that can provide a high level of education. School-age children can receive college preparatory experiences from nationally recognized schools like St. Mary’s, and collegiate students can receive professional preparation from Southern Oregon University or Rogue Community College.
  • Nationally-acclaimed businesses – From major corporations to small startups and everything in between, Medford is a great place to work or start a business of your own. Some successful, nationally acclaimed businesses from the region include Asante, Harry & David, Lithia Motors, and more. 
  • Breathtaking natural scenery – In Medford, you’re surrounded by various topographical wonders, all stunning and breathtaking in their own way. Boasting mountains, valleys, vineyards, forests, rivers, and more, you’ll never fail to appreciate the scenes that surround you. 
  • Endless outdoor adventures – Gorgeous landscapes also make for exciting adventures. Whether you enjoy hiking, biking, rafting, fishing, camping, or skiing, the region provides ample opportunity for it all. 
  • Delicious restaurants – Medford is home to many restaurants, which all feature different types of delicious cuisine. The city also has a growing food truck scene, which offers a range of quick bites and creative menus to enjoy. 
  • Rogue Valley Wine Country – The Rogue Valley climate is ideal for maintaining perfect ripeness and flavor in grapes, which has resulted in the region having a rich wine scene and being home to numerous award-winning vineyards and wineries. 

As you can see, Medford, Oregon has a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy. While the city continues to grow, you can have peace of mind knowing its scenic views and connectedness with natural surroundings will continue to provide a tranquil refuge. 

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Is Medford, Oregon, a Good Place to Vacation?

Again, our answer is yes! Medford, Oregon, is the perfect place to buy or build a vacation home. Finding a hotel or property to stay in during vacation can be a hassle, especially when deciding to take a last-minute trip. When you have your own vacation home, you’ll never have to worry about this again!

Medford is a largely underrated vacation spot, providing thousands of fun-filled attractions, scenic sights, and opportunities for relaxation throughout the entire year. There’s also something to be said about the area having a bit milder climate than other west coast destinations, so you can enjoy the outdoors at your vacation home without suffering any heat exhaustion. 

Or, make Medford your permanent home and invite your friends and family here on vacation. The Rogue Valley International Medford Airport (MFR) is located 15 minutes from VSP, allowing for convenient pickup and dropoff. MFR offers direct flights from multiple major cities, with more to be added in the years ahead. So, wherever your guests are flying in from, their trip is likely to be convenient and their stay is certainly to be the perfect mix of peace and adventure. 

Is Medford, Oregon, a Good Place to Retire?

The answer is easy – yes, Medford, Oregon, is the perfect place to retire. You can also look toward Medford’s neighboring towns, Jacksonville or Ashland, for an even more calm, quiet living experience. 

Medford and its surrounding areas promote a relaxed lifestyle perfect for seniors looking to retire and take life a little slower. There’s nothing better than waking up, grabbing a hot cup of coffee, looking out at a gorgeous sunrise over the mountains, and knowing this is home

You may also find a gated, master-planned community — like ours, The Vineyards at Stage Pass — for added convenience, security, and privacy. Everything outside of your building enevelope, they’ll take care of, such as landscaping and fire maintenance, among other things.  Now, you can focus less on chores and more on riding the balance between tranquility and adventure that Medford so effortlessly brings. 

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Explore Life at The Vineyards at Stage Pass – Just Minutes from Medford, Oregon

There’s a lot happening in and around Medford, OR! When you build a custom home in our picturesque community, The Vineyards at Stage Pass, you’ll be just minutes away from it all. 

You get all the benefits of Medford’s attractions and amenities, but you’re also a tad removed from it — giving you a quiet, relaxing corner of the region to call home. Discover the splendor of life among the vines at Stage Pass, and schedule a tour with one of our team members today.

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